Free Download USB Flashdisk Repair Tool - In general, there are two categories of flash damage: damage to the physical flash components (hard drive damage), such as solder components that become dislodged, broken pcb lines, flash components damaged by shorts, etc., and damage to the flash when the problem is with the "software."

We can typically repair the software damage to the flash drive by using specific software or solutions that can fix the damaged flash drive.

When a flash drive has been software-damaged, it can still be detected by Windows, but when we attempt to access it or double-click its flash disk, a number of error warnings display.

Even so, I've tried a number of tools to fix the flash drive's damage, and in this post I'll merely list all the programs and tools I've used to fix a broken flash drive.

Some software to repair a damaged flashdisk is

  1. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tools  –
  2. HP Drive Boot Utility  –
  3. Super Stick Recovery Tools  –
  4. Flashdisk Repair  –
  5. JetFlash Recovery Tool  –
  6. AlcorMP-UFD –
    • AlcorMP-080829
    • ALCOR_AU9382_UFDTool
    • AlcorMP08.02.28_AU6984
    • AlcorMP080424_AlcorMP_AU698X
    • ALCOR_AU9385
    • AlcorMP_6_18
    • AlcorMP-UFD-6.21
    • Alcor-AU9381-V1.1.0.0
    • AU6980-6981_v6.15.04
    • ALCOR-AU9386-V1.10
    • These are a few of the programs I've used to fix broken flash drives; if you know of any others, please post a list of them in the comments section.

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